Persystic Token Presale Launch Announced as Game-Changing Crypto Coin

Social network communication coin Persystic Token has announced its Presale Launch. 540 million of the coin’s total supply of 3Billion coins are available during the first presale stage. Persystic is a tokenized mixed social network, in which communities form based on democratic principles, the organization says. Persystic Token users can express themselves freely without fear of demonetization, while respecting important boundaries.

The mission of Persystic’s new token is rooted in social media, allowing consumers and content providers to benefit from business opportunities that can generate wealth.

Internet of Persystic Token

Persytic describes their system as both the Internet of Things and the Internet of People.

Content creators can earn a living, encouraging them to add value to the social interactions they participate in. While expressing their talents, creators are encouraged to engage in moral and ethical speech.

The operation of the persistent token is through the Binance Smart Chain. With the functionality of its smart contracts being built into the Ethereum. The coin is interoperable with the Ethereum virtual machine. The BEP-20 standard expands the functionality of Ethereum’s ERC-2016, opening access to experience the ERC-20 token standards. Those standards are used for a variety of decentralized applications (Dapps).

Persystic Token. Image c/o Persystic Token and PRNewswire

Persystic Token. Image c/o Persystic Token and PRNewswire

Key Takeaways

  • Persystic empowers creators
  • Encourages authentic content creation
  • Gives creators the right to own their own work
  • Aims to eliminate false news while keeping it open
  • Utilizes a ‘Right to be Forgotten’ policy

Original press release:

SOURCE Persystic Token. BitNewsDay

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