GOATED Gamers Flip New Script With Solana Blockchain

The meteoric rise of Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and new kid on the block, NFTs, has led to increased scrutiny on the whole industry. Some dodgy, insecure blockchains threatened the well-being of entire new ecosystems, but GOATED says they have an answer to that problem.

A team of gamers, technologists, and experienced entrepreneurs say they have ‘flipped the script’ by creating GOATED.

Solid Platform

The team bills GOATED as a simple, safe, transparent, and reliable platform for competitive gamers and content creators and their millions of supporters and followers. They are working to develop innovative, valuable, yet affordable, digital collectable items, incentives, and engagement opportunities.

Fans can sell, trade, and share their collectibles on the GOATED.gg platform. By combining gamer expertise and experience with the feelings of fans and followers, the team says they can create a safe and secure platform.

The Solana blockchain will underpin the launch.

The GOATED Model

The breakthrough model is called “Engage to Earn.” It allows gamers to earn rewards for what they already love to do.

“GOATED hopes to finally bring some long-awaited trust, transparency, fairer and more equitable rewards, real value and confidence to the worldwide gamer community and the developing blockchain and NFT market.”

Unique creator coins will give both fans and followers the chance to support their favorite gamers, discounts on merchandise, advance first drop notifications as well as the Engage to Earn opportunities.

Fans can buy and trade GamerClips, GamerCards, and GamerCoins in the marketplace and exchange. They will see their collection appreciate while sales generate continuing royalties to the gamers and creators that continue through secondary market sales.

See the GOATED press release for more information.

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